You Are The Smell Before Rain


I really like orange chicken


Takato Yamamoto

A word of advice to trans women

24. April 2014




Go to your nearest target. Buy a two pack of pushup bras (24$ for 2), and target’s bra inserts (12$). Then go to your nearest Walmart and buy the Vasserette Control Shapewear Panties (2.50 each), they do wonders for helping your tuck. There you go! You just saved yourself a lot of money, you can afford to buy enough to wear every day, and best of all you look fabulous. -@twidx

recs for trans women are so rare on tumblr!! spread this, people.

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Lucian Freud - Annabel sleeping (1988)


If you’re a girl and you hit, punch, or physically harm your boyfriend in any way it’s still considered abuse and you’re equally as much of a piece of shit as any guy that hits his girlfriend. Seriously the amount of girls that disagree with this is ridiculous, and they’re all fucking stupid. Sorry not sorry.

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